Are you wondering how to handle a breach of contract in San Diego?  What steps should you take to protect your interests in a breach of contract case?

A Breach of Contract Usually Won’t Involve a Trial

A breach of contract in San Diego or Southern California usually won’t involve a trial and most cases don’t even have to involve business litigation.  The Watkins Firm has more than 40 years of experience in San Diego and Southern California business-related disputes such as a breach of contract.  We are able to resolve most of the breach of contract cases we manage  through effective, leveraged negotiation.  The same principles apply when our skilled attorneys are defending allegations of contract breach.

We work to quickly identify the facts in the case and quantify potential damages.  The mastery of the chronology and facts of the case as well as the quantification of potential damages provides the leverage needed to move the parties into a constructive negotiation in order to achieve a settlement. Negotiation is the fastest, least expensive and most productive strategy for breach of contract resolution in San Diego and Southern California.  It can sometimes even provide an opportunity to preserve important underlying relationships and keep business moving forward profitably and productively.

The Victim of a Breach of Contract Is Required by Law to Mitigate the Damages

Most parties are unaware of their responsibilities when a contract dispute arises.  If another party has breached a contract with you, it is your responsibility to take prompt, reasonable and prudent actions to reduce your losses and “mitigate the damages” associated with the breach.  What does the law require of you in order to mitigate the damages?

The victim of a breach of contract is required to take timely, reasonable and prudent steps to limit the extent of associated financial damages.  In some cases this may mean finding another vendor or supplier to provide the “benefit of the bargain” you expected to receive from the original agreement. In other cases it can include a responsibility to take the same sort of action to limit the impact of the breach itself.

If you fail to do so the party who breached the contract may be liable for fewer or no damages as a result of the breach.  This is why it is important to seek the advice and counsel of your Watkins Firm attorney as soon as you become aware of a potential contract breach. We will help you understand your responsibilities under the law and how to handle a breach of contract in San Diego.

Next Steps to Handle a Breach of Contract in San Diego and Southern California

If there is a substantial disagreement that has arisen between the two parties, mediation is another alternative to achieve quick and efficient results.  If the matter cannot be resolved in mediation the original contract may require the parties to take the matter to arbitration as an alternative to a trial in a Court of Law.  The expense and time required to take a breach of contract matter through to trial usually precludes this option, except in rare and financially substantive matters.

The key action step to handle a breach of contract is to reach out to the Watkins Firm for advice and counsel the moment you become aware of a potential breach.  The initial consultation is complimentary and our attorneys will provide insight and talk through a potential plan of action.

Each party in a breach of contract case has legal responsibilities and the actions you take early on can substantially reduce losses for those who breach the contract and the ability to recover reasonable damages for the victim of the breach.  Your contract dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm will guide you and represent you at each step in the process and work diligently to resolve the business contract dispute while accomplishing your goals and objectives.

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