What is the fastest and most cost-effective strategy for handling and internal member dispute in an LLC in San Diego?  Why should you consider contacting the Watkins Firm for a member-to-member dispute?  Partnership disputes and disagreements between owners are simply a matter of business.  It is natural that disagreements will arise from time to time.  What happens when an argument becomes a potential legal dispute or lawsuit?  What do you do when you feel that you are doing all of the work and bringing in the revenue and your partner isn’t carrying their fair share of the work?

The primary challenge of an internal member dispute in an LLC is often the nature of the relationships between the parties.  In addition to the dispute itself, there is the very genuine complication of the relationships between the parties.  In some cases we’re talking about siblings or family members.  Business partners are often best friends and your spouse knows their spouse.  You do things together outside of work and a dispute affects much more than simply the business at hand.

However, the impact on the business at hand is dangerous enough.  An internal member dispute in an LLC distracts the parties from the primary focus of running the business and consumes important financial and other business resources that should be deployed to advance your business goals.  There is also the genuine question of “How is this going to resolve?  Will one of us be leaving the company?”

The skilled business dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm understand all of the issues in these matters.  We work to not only resolve the dispute at hand but repair the underlying relationships whenever possible.  In some cases an exit must be negotiated, or profit distribution may need to be recalculated.  We have handled these types of disputes for decades here in San Diego and we will protect and preserve your interests while resolving the internal member dispute in an LLC quickly and efficiently.

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