San Diego businesses should consider joint ventures as a strategy to expand business opportunity while reducing risk and leveraging core business strengths.  There are several sound business reasons for a joint venture.  One party may have a well developed distribution network and another party may have a strong product.  An inventor and innovator may have developed new technology while another firm contributes the money necessary to complete development and bring it to market.  An offshore company may be looking to partner with a San Diego firm to bring their products to a US market.

Each partner contributes something of value.  The combination of the businesses is greater than the sum of the individual components.  A joint venture is an excellent strategy for leveraging intellectual property and product brands in order to reach new buyers in new markets.  Joint ventures reduce the risk of each party, allowing each partner to share and spread the risk while offsetting potential pitfalls with the benefit of existing strengths and genuine experience.

The experienced business mergers and acquisitions attorneys at the Watkins Firm can help you to find a strong partner to accomplish your expansion goals, and negotiate the essence of a new joint venture that will benefit all parties.  We develop joint venture agreements, while protecting our client’s interests and ensuring due diligence.  We help clients considering joint ventures to quantify opportunity and risk, while protecting the intellectual property and assets they’ve poured their hard work, time, energy, money and sweat to develop.

Joint ventures are increasing in number as they present a sound business opportunity for growth in a manageable risk scenario.  Have you been looking for ways to expand your business and grow sales and profitable income?  Have you wondered how to take your products and services to new markets in new geography, or how to draw on the power and strength of a company in a complimentary industry?

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