The Watkins Firm has decades of experience with fraudulent labeling and false claims defense in San Diego and Southern California.  Our skilled and expert attorneys employ proven business litigation and class action defense strategies to protect your interests and eliminate substantial contingent liabilities.  Labeling claims often involve challenges to a product being labeled as organic or Made in the USA.  Accusations are often levied against the producers of supplements and holistic products with a tradition of healthful or healing powers.  How can your company stand up to plaintiff’s lawyers and powerful interests attempting to cause financial harm to your business?

The Watkins Firm has a unique approach to resolving litigation and effective class action defense strategies.  We work to negotiate a resolution or settlement which reflects our client’s goals.  We challenge the representative cases of the proposed class.  We analyze the use of the product, the perceived labeling issues or false claims and the financial damages alleged in the class action lawsuit.  We work to identify differences in the cases of the representative clients.  Once the link between the alleged class is disrupted, the whole suit falls apart.

California relaxed it’s organic labeling laws to be more compliance with the federal standard.  We work with businesses to ensure proper labeling and advertising practices which meet the spirit and letter of California law.  We analyze questions regarding “Made in the USA” claims and the source of all components, as well as the assembly process and the nature of the manufactured whole versus the sum of its parts.  There are many valid defenses to mis-labeled organic allegations as well as Made in the USA disputes.  Our clients want the contingent liability of a class action resolved quickly and cost effectively, and the Watkins Firm handles labeling and false claims defense in San Diego in this manner.

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