Business owners and corporations are facing rapidly rising exposure to employment related lawsuits and judgments as lawsuits for San Diego employers increased 50 Percent in 2017 locally and across the nation.  Many of the settlements in 2017 related to wage and hour violations such as insufficient pay, alleged employment bias, unpaid overtime and misclassification of 1099 workers.  California agencies such as the Employment Development Department (EDD) are aggressively pursuing “wage theft” claims against San Diego employers.  What is the best employer defense strategy for 2018?

The attorneys at the Watkins Firm aggressively defend San Diego employers in all federal and state labor related hearings and conferences as well as litigation.  Our unique approach to resolving litigation ensures the best opportunity for a positive resolution in the shortest time frame and in a cost-effective manner.  It begins with internal documentation and consistent policy and procedure monitoring and enforcement.  As general business counsel we work with clients to tighten every employment related document from the initial offer letter to employment contracts.  This focus continues through all related documents such as policies and procedures and employee handbooks.

Once a dispute arises or you are contacted by a federal or state agency for an “informal” hearing or conference you need the experienced employer defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm to protect you from a system which is known to favor employees.  The “informal” hearing or conference is anything but “informal.”  The hearing officer or Deputy Labor Commissioner will begin by grilling the employer regarding California labor law.  Once it is obvious the employer is not an expert in the law the conversation quickly turns to a “settlement” discussion.  This is when you open your checkbook and are exposed to harsh penalties.

We aggressively defend our clients in these hearings and conferences.  We quickly establish the fulfillment of legal requirements by our clients and provide supporting documentation and evidence.  We work to accomplish an argument which disputes the claims of the employee or agency resulting in an “Order, Decision or Award” or ODA which is favorable for our clients.  The facts are clear: lawsuits for San Diego employers increased 50 percent in 2017 and 2018 looks to continue that trend.  Protect yourself, your business, your bottom line and all you’ve worked so hard to build.  We invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation and learn more about our work to defend San Diego employers from this litigious environment.

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