Licensing and distribution agreements provide an excellent opportunity to expand your business into vertical niches and geographical markets you are not presently addressing.  The increased business and profitability allows you to leverage existing assets and intellectual property and even further, while performing the research and development necessary to capture and maintain market dominance.  How does a San Diego business owner utilize licensing and distribution agreements to grow their company and increase its value?

The experienced business contract attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience as San Diego’s “lawyers for employers,” providing insight into these complex yet profitable relationships.  Licensing creates an opportunity for another business to utilize your methods, trade secrets, brands, intellectual property or other business assets to serve markets not presently addressed by your business.  The licensing agreement establishes how they are to use your business asset, the event that triggers payment, how payment will be made and in what currency, as well as protections to ensure that your intellectual property and brands are protected internationally.

Distribution agreements allow you to sell quantities of products to business partners across the country or around the globe who then “resell” these goods at a higher price.  The distributor will require protections related to territory, competition, availability of product and fixed pricing methodology.  It is still important to protect the integrity of your products to ensure that they are not used to “reverse engineer” or otherwise leverage your efforts and development costs for their own benefit.

Licensing and distribution agreements expand business opportunities while providing very little in the way of risk for your company.  The Watkins Firm develops well crafted and legally enforceable licensing and distribution agreements that facilitate the relationships needed to expand your brand and global presence.  If you are interested in licensing and distribution agreements or the protections required to expand your business nationally or internationally we invite you to contact us or call for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.

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