One of the best strategies for companies with intellectual property or IP such as established branding, inventions, processes and products is to license the use of their product, brand or process in different niches and geographical regions across the US and around the world.  Intellectual property licensing will open new markets and opportunity for your San Diego business.  The experienced business contract and intellectual property attorneys at the Watkins Firm will work with you to develop your ideas, and ensure they are protected through the appropriate copyright, trademark or registration process.  We will develop the licensing agreements that allow others to leverage your assets in their own markets regionally or globally.

One of the risks of intellectual property is unauthorized use or under-reporting of income by those who license your IP.  Our attorneys develop agreements that ensure fair payment and transparent, accurate reporting to ensure maximum return on your licensing agreements.  We defend the infringement of our client’s IP and work to protect the integrity of the trademark, copyright, logo or patent to ensure long term viability and protect the legal status of your licensed IP.  This extends to the complex and diverse nature of intellectual property including everything from software, original works of literature, music or art, logos, and brand names to slogans and trademarks, processes and products.

The Watkins Firm creates licensing agreements that prevent misunderstanding and business disputes.  Our attorneys craft licensing agreements that clearly establish the geographical and/or vertical market boundaries associated with the specific licensing agreement to prevent “poaching” or competing with your own licensee.  You want to make sure your IP is used in a consistent manner, and not diminished by abuse or using the licensed intellectual property in a profane or inappropriate manner.  The success of the licensing agreement is strongly associated with the skill and persistent actions of the licensee.  What happens if the licensee doesn’t perform well?  Our licensing agreements usually provide minimum royalties and trigger clauses that allow you to terminate an unsuccessful licensing relationship.

San Diego business owners may not realize how much licensing can open new markets and opportunity for your company. We invite you to contact us or call today for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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