Why is mediation a good tool for resolving a business dispute in San Diego?  Our courts are over-booked with business litigation cases.  Recent budget and personnel cuts in California Courts have overwhelmed the system.  Mediation is now required before appearing before a Judge or jury in San Diego courts.  Mediation is designed to provide a calm, productive environment where parties in a business dispute or litigation have the opportunity to work through and resolve specific issues or the entire dispute.  You should have your own representation from the Watkins Firm throughout mediation.

The mediator is a neutral third party with extensive expertise relating to the subject matter of the dispute itself, as well as the laws of California and the commercial code.  A mediator is agreed upon by the parties in the dispute.  Mediation begins with each side providing background (from their perspective) and their concerns or issues in the dispute.  The mediator works to ensure that the parties clearly understand not only the nature of the core issues, but the perspective of the opposing party.  The mediator then helps the parties to put options on the table, and ultimately work to negotiate a resolution to part or all of the dispute.

The Watkins Firm represents our clients through mediation, arbitration and ultimately into trial when necessary.  It is our successful track record at trial which provides the strength and credibility during negotiations, mediation and arbitration.  We are able to help influence and guide our client’s position through the mediation process.  Our practical experience gleaned from decades of trial work and dispute resolution allows us to suggest alternatives that have worked for other parties in similar situations.  Ultimately our clients are seeking a resolution to the business dispute in the shortest possible time frame and at a reasonable cost.  This is what makes mediation a good tool for resolving a business dispute in San Diego.

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