Member disputes in your San Diego LLC are most often due to differing perspectives on how to run the company and/or which direction the business should take, money challenges, decisions regarding growth and even the culture within the organization.  Often cases involving disputes between members in an LLC come down to a simple lack of communication or a failure to plan.

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The Watkins Firm are proven San Diego small business attorneys with more than 40 years of experience.  Small business and entrepreneurial environments are dynamic by their nature, and many actions are taken “on the fly” without due consideration to how they fit into the strategic planning of the company or consistency with other corporate initiatives or even the company’s branding.

This can extend to how business partners disagree about how a company should be run, and the type of work environment this creates for employees.  Some prefer a more relaxed environment where employees are empowered to make their own decisions, while others may believe in extensive corporate documentation, handbooks and oversight concerning all areas of business operations.

Member disputes in your San Diego LLC can arise quickly due to a critical business development, or simply build over time.  It is not uncommon for one or more of the partners to feel like they are doing a far greater amount of productive work and contributing to the success of the venture while developing concerns about profit distribution and/or salaried income.  The net result of these disputes is a distraction from the focus on what is best for the company on a day-in day-out basis.

The Fastest and Least Expensive Strategy to Resolve Member Disputes in Your San Diego LLC

What is the fastest and least expensive strategy to resolve member disputes in your San Diego LLC?  Would it surprise you to learn the experienced small business attorneys at the Watkins Firm are able to resolve the vast majority of business disputes through effective, leveraged negotiation?  Our unique approach to resolving business disputes is specifically designed to resolve your issues quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

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