Membership disputes in an LLC can disrupt business and cause damage to the relationships between members in an LLC.  Small disagreements can become big disputes that may ultimately result in a lawsuit between the members.  This is unproductive from multiple perspectives:

  • Company Resources
  • Business Focus and New Business Development
  • Money
  • Innovation and Leadership

When a dispute erupts between members in an LLC all other business functions seem to take a back seat.  The important thing the Watkins Firm can tell you after decades of experience with these cases in San Diego is this:

Most LLC member disputes and business lawsuits are resolved through leveraged effective negotiations.

The experienced business litigation team at the Watkins Firm takes a unique approach to resolving disputes between the members of your LLC.  We begin by helping our clients to establish goals and objectives regarding the dispute.  How would you like to see things resolve?  What changes do you think need to take place?  Is the current model for distribution of labor and profits working efficiently?  Is the essence of the dispute evidence that it may be time to bring in another party with additional experience or expertise in one aspect of the business?  Do we need to help develop new sources of investment?

In many cases membership disputes in an LLC can disrupt business by distracting the parties from the critical task of effectively running the company.  This makes it even more difficult to see through the smaller issues and get to the core areas in dispute and resolve them.  Our seasoned team will work to negotiate a timely and cost-effective solution that accomplishes the goals you’ve established.  We provide our counsel and insight, and help to identify solutions that have worked for others facing similar challenges.  In most cases these disputes are a sign that the business is on the edge of growing and we simply need to help negotiate a path through the dispute.

If you are involved in a membership dispute in your LLC we invite you to call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.  We will work with you to protect the relationships with your fellow LLC member-owners, get core issues on the table and develop solutions that help to move you and the company forward again.

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