Mentors for San Diego Small Business OwnersMany recent articles and studies have presented the need for experienced mentors for San Diego small business owners.  You’re a young or inexperienced entrepreneur but many of the key elements are there: a burning desire to be an entrepreneur, a compelling idea on how to generate and market a product, the needed capital and a detailed business plan.  Put it all together and you might well be capable of starting a business and thriving.

One crucial factor which could significantly increase the odds of your success is to seek an experienced business mentor.  Nearly nine out of 10 small business owners believe having a mentor has been a crucial factor in their entrepreneurial experience.  The CEO of a nonprofit devoted to helping small businesses launch recently said “for many, starting a small business can be overwhelming.”

Mentors for San Diego small business owners can help a fledgling businessperson “navigate the complex challenges” of owning a company and competing in the marketplace for customers.  It takes a special kind of person to take on the challenges of business ownership, and a mentor can help a new owner peer into the future and anticipate bumps in the road.  A recent article in a major business monthly said “of those business owners who have a mentor and guide, 70 percent of their businesses last more than five years (double the average).”

Another factor to consider is time.  You have probably already invested a substantial amount of time and energy into your business.  Imagine all the hard work ahead.  How can mentors for San Diego small business owners help you and your business?

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