Mergers & acquisitions in San Diego require experience and seasoned attorneys who have managed these complex and sophisticated business transactions for decades.  A successful merger or business acquisition requires a legal partner with much more than strong legal skills.  These deals are quite sophisticated and managing the diverse personalities and sometimes conflicting business interests can be as important as the underlying stock purchase or asset purchase contracts.

It’s all about the deal, and preserving a working atmosphere that constructive leads to a successful transaction.  If you are a party to mergers & acquisitions in San Diego we invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call to speak with us personally for a complimentary and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.  We will discuss your goals for the transaction, as well as the impact of the sale from the perspective of control, profit, ownership interest, cash, taxation and risk.

We provide sound counsel, and a strategic plan to take you through the process from start to finish.  We protect your interests and ensure that your contingent liabilities are minimized or eliminated, and that expectations before, during and after the transition are clearly articulated.

Mergers & acquisitions in San Diego require experience and extensive legal skill.  They also require “people skills” and savvy expertise to navigate through the inherent challenges that will arise.  A merger or acquisition is surrounded by risk.  Extensive due diligence and careful crafting of controlling documents is necessary to minimize or eliminate risk and the potential for future litigation.

Each party in these transactions is looking to advance their own interests while resolving specific challenges at hand.  These interests are most often aligned.  However, there are inherent aspects of each transaction where each party has different priorities and associated risks.  Mergers & acquisitions in San Diego require experience to keep the parties enthusiastically engaged while helping to craft a transaction which delivers the “benefit of the bargain” for each party while minimizing contingent risks.

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