Are you searching for proven strategies related to minimizing the risks associated with a San Diego MSO?  If you considering the formation of a Management Service Organization you will need the decades of experience, counsel and legal services of the healthcare and medical business lawyers at the Watkins Firm.

There are several sound business, ethical and financial reasons to consider an MSO or management Service Organization.  There are also substantial risks for the physicians and licensed medical professionals who must maintain a majority ownership position in any California healthcare entity.  Our attorneys will discuss the advantages of an MSO as well as proven strategies for minimizing the risks associated with a San Diego MSO.

The primary reasons to consider the option of an MSO are to reduce the cost of delivering exceptional healthcare and related services while improving the experience of the patient and their overall satisfaction.  It is common for an MSO to own and maintain the building(s) associated with the practice or medical business.  The MSO can efficiently manage vendor contracts as well as non-licensed professional workers.  MSOs provide expertise relating to data processing, informational analysis as well as the protection of private patient medical information.   The Management Service Organization can provide important services such as accounting, tax filing and even collection management.

Any Management Service Organization strategy must also carefully plan for, structure and administer these services while minimizing the risks associated with a San Diego MSO.  The corporate documents and business plan for the MSO should address potential issues such as the management of potential disputes, a default on any financial obligation and the potential for exposure to allegations of kick-backs or other improprieties by the Medical Board of California or other professional licensing organizations.

What financial liabilities might a physician or licensed medical professional assume as a majority owner in an MSO or Management Service Organization?  How will the responsibilities of a medical professional holding the majority interest  be properly structured to separated the personal financial interests of the physician or licensed professional from the MSO?  What are the potential risks (if any) to a professional license?  How can these potential risks be mitigated through the structure of the entity and the administration of day-to-day operations?  How will the formation of an MSO be structured to preserve important authority and supervisory oversight of critical functions such as prescriptions, billing and compliance with all local, state and federal regulations, ordinances and statutes?

If you are concerned about minimizing the risks associated with a San Diego MSO you need to seek proven services of the healthcare and medical practice attorneys at the Watkins Firm.  The Watkins Firm will work to reduce or mitigate your exposure to risk while protecting and enhancing the success of the business and patient goals of your new MSO.

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