Preventing the misappropriation of trade secrets in San Diego and protecting your company’s proprietary information may be more enforceable than non-compete agreements in California.  The Watkins Firm has decades of experience helping San Diego businesses to protect the integrity of their business.  We understand the desire to prevent employees from using the information you’ve taught them to actively compete against you.

Most San Diego business professionals understand the reality that California is not generally known for siding with employers in non-compete disputes.  However, our local and state courts tend to strictly enforce the misappropriation of trade secrets in San Diego and the abuse of proprietary information.

How Do You Protect Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information?

The Watkins Firm helps our clients to clearly establish the nature of company trade secrets and proprietary information.  This work begins prior to hiring, and continues through onboarding and the entire term of employment.  We defend employers and help to develop the policies and procedures, employee handbook and internal labeling and space designations which help to protect and enforce trade secrets and proprietary information.  This can include but is not limited to:

  • Pricing, Supply Sources, Contract Discounting and Supply Chain Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies, Processes, Trade Names, Logos and Presentations
  • Technical and Industry Specific Knowledge
  • Customer and Supplier Lists
  • Correspondence Including Emails and Texts

Your company’s proprietary information also includes the way you conduct business, training and selling tactics and materials.  The experienced business attorneys at the Watkins Firm help you to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to identify and protect your own proprietary information and trade secrets.  We create employment agreements and non-disclosure agreements that are enforceable.  These strategies and the supporting documentation make it much more difficult for an employee to access the information, take it and work against you in the market.  If they do so, we will have the tools to put an immediate stop to their efforts and hold them accountable.

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