Are you searching for nonprofit tax exempt 501(c)(3) attorneys in San Diego who can help to form or legally organize your charitable work or cause?  What do you need to do in order to collect donations, funds or property for a national or international charitable interest, “public benefit” or “religious purpose?”

First, it is important to separate the issues of “nonprofit” and “tax exempt” in your mind.  Here in California, the term “nonprofit” simply refers to the status of your business entity or enterprise under California law.  The formation of a California nonprofit entity does not create a “tax exempt” status.

Tax exemption is provided by the IRS, the State of California and all other states independently.  The two concepts are mutually exclusive from a legal point of view.

To further complicate the matter, why do you need a 501(c)(3) entity?  Your business entity provides significant legal protections which separate you, the person, and all of your finances and assets from the debts and liabilities associated with your entity.  The Watkins firm nonprofit tax exempt 501(c)(3) attorneys in San Diego help those who are undertaking charitable work, nonprofit activity, fundraising or other public or religious work to structure their affairs appropriately.

We work with you to determine the proper entity for the nature of work you will be undertaking, as well as the process of bringing that entity into existence and seeking formal tax exempt status from the State of California and the IRS.  We provide sound counsel in all aspect of your operations including but not limited to:

  • Preparation of property exemptions for personal property and real estate
  • Negotiating a commercial lease for your new entity
  • Structuring contracts for those who will work with you as well as suppliers and other business relationships
  • Raising money and conducting nonprofit work here in California and across the nation

If you are looking for nonprofit tax exempt 501(c)(3) attorneys in San Diego we invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 today.

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