If you are involved in a business dispute or a lawsuit it is important to remember not all San Diego business litigation attorneys are alike.  What should you look for in a business dispute attorney?  The short answers are experience, trial success and the ability to represent you from negotiation, through mediation, arbitration and ultimately in a court of law here in San Diego.

The Watkins Firm is one of the most established business litigation firms in San Diego.  We have decades of experience serving the San Diego business community, and extensive and successful track record of success at trial.  We take a unique approach to business litigation, focusing on resolving the dispute in the shortest possible time frame and with the least amount of expense.  There are four steps to resolving business litigation in San Diego:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation / Trial

Our attorneys will represent you at each step in the process, focused on resolving the dispute and accomplishing the goals and objectives you’ve established.  The fastest and most cost-effective resolution to business disputes is accomplished through effective, leveraged negotiation.  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm work quickly to assess damages and the facts of the case in order to gain the leverage necessary to establish a productive and constructive negotiation.  We represent you in mediation when there are issues that cannot be resolved through negotiation.  Mediation still offers the opportunity to effectively and affordably resolve the dispute while maintaining a high degree of control and influence.

Arbitration is mandated by many business contracts.  Arbitration is a highly structured environment, and expert legal representation is a must.  Any attorney who would represent you in a dispute should have extensive experience in arbitration.  Arbitration is usually final, and the parties must live with the ruling of the arbiter.  In this venue, the quality of your representation will directly affect the outcome in your case.

If the lawsuit must proceed all the way to Court your attorneys should be well prepared, and provide evidence of a highly successful track record in business litigation trials.  Many business litigation attorneys have never taken a case to a trial verdict, and are not experienced in business arbitration.  It is important to understand not all San Diego business litigation attorneys are alike and you deserve exceptional representation.  The seasoned team at the Watkins Firm has served the San Diego business community for decades.  If you are involved in a business dispute we invite you to call for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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