There are four primary options to resolve business to business disputes in San Diego:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

The Watkins Firm attorneys have decades of experience resolving business to business disputes.  We take a unique approach to litigation which is designed to resolve a dispute or lawsuit in the shortest possible time frame and in a cost-effective way.  Negotiation is the fastest and least expensive path to a resolution which accomplishes our client’s goals and objectives.  The Watkins Firm attorneys work to accurately assess potential damages associated with the dispute.  This provides the necessary leverage to draw the parties into a productive negotiation and develop a “work around” or negotiate a settlement which resolves the underlying dispute.  Our decades of successful trial experience provides additional weight to our client’s side of the table.  Opposing counsel know our trial attorneys are prepared to take the case to trial and win, and this provides the incentive to resolve differences earlier in the dispute.

Mediation and arbitration are two additional options involving an outside and neutral third party.  It is not in your interest to enter into a mediation or arbitration without effective legal counsel.  Mediation is a much less formal environment.  A neutral expert on the subject(s) at the heart of the dispute is selected by the parties.  The mediator works to understand each side’s point of view and works to find common ground and identify potential solutions to resolve the dispute.  The mediator will make recommendations based upon their experience and expertise, but the parties are not obligated to implement these suggestions.

Arbitration is more structured than mediation, but not as formal as the legal process surrounding a trial.  Arbitration eliminates many of the legal motions and posturing allowing the arbitrator to drive to the center of the dispute and determine an outcome.  The arbitrator begins with briefs from each party’s counsel, then gathers evidence and hears testimony over the course of a few days or weeks.  Once the arbitrator issues their finding it is almost always binding upon the parties and cannot be appealed unless fraud or collusion are present.

When necessary, the Watkins Firm takes our cases to trial to accomplish our client’s objectives.  We invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation to learn more about the options to resolve business to business disputes in San Diego.

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