How can our approach to manage business litigation in San Diego help your business to resolve disputes and move forward efficiently and in a timely manner?  Businesses need to resolve business disputes quickly and efficiently in order to reduce contingent liabilities and maximize opportunities for increasing sales and profits.  Our approach to litigation in San Diego provides the greatest opportunity for a prompt, cost-efficient solution while preparing as if the case is headed to trial.

The Watkins Firm’s strategy to manage business litigation in San Diego begins with leveraged negotiation. Most disputes are resolved through effective negotiation through the leverage of a mastery of the financial damages associated with the dispute.  The experienced business litigation attorneys at The Watkins Firm reach out to other parties in a dispute, working to establish common ground.  This provides a productive working atmosphere for resolving any dispute.

In many cases, our effective negotiations achieve our client’s objectives while resolving the dispute at hand.  When necessary, we recommend mediation to our clients.  Mediation is a good option for resolving business disputes while keeping costs and time frames under control.  A neutral mediator is selected by the parties, and reaches out to understand the principled position of each perspective.  The mediator works to help each party to understand the other’s position, while using their own experience and expertise to suggest alternative ideas and potential solutions.

Arbitration is the next alternative in our approach to manage business litigation in San Diego.  Arbitration is a much more controlled environment that features specific legal processes, but without many of the limitations imposed in a trial court.  The neutral arbitrator receives briefs from each attorney, interviews witnesses and takes testimony from the principles.  The arbitrator or arbiter then issues their finding.  The arbitration can be binding or non-binding, but in most cases the findings of the arbiter are binding.  The advantage of arbitration is that both sides know the dispute will be heard fairly and that a resolution is within sight, one way or another.

It is the extensive (and successful) trial record of The Watkins Firm that provides leverage and strength throughout negotiations, mediation and arbitration.  Our unique approach to litigation provides the best opportunity to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.  The opposing side knows we represent clients all the way through the process and that we are well prepared to try the matter in Court.  This provides strength to encourage an early settlement.  If you are involved in a business dispute, we invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a complimentary consultation today.

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