At the Watkins Firm, our business lawyers can provide great coaching when starting a new LLC in San Diego.  Why does every small business need a strong, experienced business attorney? Do you really need an attorney to start a business today?

There are many forms provided by download sites and across the internet.  There are many issues you should consider as you develop the corporate documents and operating agreement that will guide your LLC.  However, an effective and enforceable business formation document must meet California’s unique and complex commercial laws.  Did you know there is a built-in bias toward minority partners under California law?  Most download form sites provide cheap boilerplate documents which fail at the first real test.  Are you willing to risk all the hours of hard work, effort, sleepless nights and investment you’ve put into your new business over poor forms?

Starting a business is an important step for any entrepreneur, and the decisions you make today will affect your company’s ability to survive, grow and prosper.  Our business lawyers can provide great coaching when starting a new LLC to help you to avoid mistakes and get things off to a great start.

The very purpose of an LLC or any corporate entity is to separate your personal assets and you as an individual from the “entity” that is your new LLC.  This valuable protection prevents creditors from being able to pursue you personally for business debts.  The protections for your home and family are important, and there are many steps you must take at the beginning and throughout each year to protect the corporate veil and the integrity of your new LLC.

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