What should you look for in a partnership dispute lawyer in San Diego and what impact does trial experience have on dispute resolution?  Based upon our decades of service to San Diego partnerships and individual partners, shareholders and members I can tell you the most important thing to look for in a partnership dispute lawyer may surprise you:

The most important trait of an effective partnership dispute lawyer in San Diego is a proven track record of resolving partner and business disputes effectively and quickly.

Many experienced business professionals don’t realize the majority of disputes and lawsuits between partners or businesses are resolved in a negotiated settlement.  However, the experience and expertise of your lawyer in arbitration and trial is an important part of the leverage needed to accomplish your goals and resolve matters quickly.  When opposing counsel realize you are represented by the Watkins Firm, they know you are serious about the matter, and you have attorneys who are willing and able to take the case through to a successful jury verdict.  It is rarely in the interests of a business or partner to go to trial due to the time frames and expense involved.  However, the mere fact that our legal team is proven and prepared moves the other parties to work to resolve the case.

Most attorneys simply do not have an extensive track record in trial.  Many have actually never taken a case to a jury verdict (incredible!).  We understand business.  We understand the nature of business relationships and the personal relationships that often intertwine with the partnership.  What are your goals?  How do you want the dispute to be resolved?  Our attorneys share our real world experience, legal expertise and strategies to accomplish those goals and move the dispute to resolution.  The expense of dispute is directly associated to the time it takes to resolve it, as well as the extent of the potential damages involved.

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