The contracts between practice groups, medical foundations and physicians are quite complex.  This is why physician contracts in San Diego require experienced healthcare attorneys at the Watkins Firm to protect your interests going in and coming out.

It can be tempting to simply sign a formula contract.  You’re excited about a new position or moving to what appears to be a more lucrative position.  It is important to review your existing contract and/or a new physician employment contract with the experienced medical and healthcare practice attorneys at the Watkins Firm.  We have decades of healthcare experience here in the San Diego region and can protect many aspects of your short and long term interests.

Physician contracts today are quite lengthy and necessarily complex.  This is why physician contracts in San Diego require experienced healthcare attorneys.  New paradigms for the measurement of professional services and medicare-related payment calculations are impacting existing and new physician contracts throughout the area.

Your concerns going in are probably centered on income, equity participation, work and call hours, liability exposure and your right to indemnification as well as decision making authority and influence.

While California is known as an employee-friendly state in non-compete matters, our courts tend to take a more conservative position on covenants not to compete and patient solicitation.  Your exit strategy should be given as much consideration as your financial incentives.  Are you presently under contract?  Breaking an existing contract could expose you to a non-compete enforcement action as well as a civil lawsuit.

The experienced physician and healthcare attorneys at the Watkins Firm will help you through the process of negotiating a new contract, or seeking an exit from an existing relationship.  We will review proposed agreements and provide insight and recommendations to strengthen your position based upon your own goals and objectives.

Competition is increasing and healthcare providers and the market in general is searching for ways to reduce overhead and costs associated with the provision of medical care.  This is increasing pressure on local doctors and medical professionals and why physician contracts in San Diego require experienced healthcare attorneys.  We will review your contract and help you to negotiate the best agreement possible.  We invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call today for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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