Are you searching for proven and experienced San Diego corporate attorneys with decades of experience?  The Watkins Firm is a proven business law firm with extensive experience in all federal, state and local corporate laws and corporate governance.  We work to protect the corporate veil of your entity and to ensure your operations are compliant with all laws and regulations associated with the products and services you provide.

Our San Diego corporate law attorneys have served businesses in almost every sector and vertical market for decades.  From real estate to healthcare, partnerships to international C-Corporations and entities our attorneys provide sound counsel and an extensive palette of legal services.  Corporate governance and compliance is primarily concerned with the corporate documents and by-laws of your entity, conformance and documentation of all required corporate meetings and filings, as well as training and monitoring of practices and procedures for all Directors, executives, managers and employees.

We work with our corporate clients to provide sound business counsel and advice.  Our business formation and mergers and acquisitions teams are prepared to help your corporation to form new entities or acquire existing assets and businesses to expand the capacity of your organization or to penetrate new vertical or geographic markets.  We help to manage relationships with minority shareholders and investors.  Our proven and experienced San Diego corporate attorneys provide well-crafted business contracts and legal services to ensure smooth business transactions and relationships.

When a dispute or business litigation arises, the proven and experienced San Diego corporate attorneys at the Watkins firm take a unique approach designed to resolve disputes and litigation quickly and in a cost-efficient manner.  Our experienced trial attorneys are prepared to represent your corporation and its management in court or before federal and state agencies.  We are able to resolve most business disputes through effective, leveraged negotiation.  When necessary we represent clients in mediation and arbitration to ensure the best possible outcome in their cases.

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