Why should you consider the assistance of our proven attorneys for successful business transactions in San Diego?  What services do our clients value and how can we improve the success and profitability of your company?  The foundation of all business lies in the completion of successful business transactions and relationships.  Generally speaking, the business contract associated with any business transaction or relationship is the primary key to ensuring business success.

After decades of service to the San Diego business community, we can tell you the primary source of business disputes and ultimately business litigation lies in the quality of the agreement associated with the transaction or relationship.  Unfortunately, many new or inexperienced business owners attempt to create their own contracts.  Others use contracts from a previous work experience, attempting to modify them to fit the present circumstances.  Still others turn to downloads from business forms sites which claim to save your company a substantial amount of money.

The proven attorneys for successful business transactions in San Diego know a well crafted business contract is the soundest strategy to ensure a successful outcome.  The Watkins Firm business contract attorneys carefully craft each contract to capture the entire agreement between the parties, comprehensively define the roles of each party and the expectations associated with the “benefit of the bargain.”  We work to identify all foreseeable issues which might arise and prescribe a solution for these challenges in advance as part of the agreement.  A sound business contract should also clearly define when work or a relationship is completed and how and when payment is to be exchanged.

Poorly constructed contracts leave too much room for vague interpretations by the parties.  Simply stated, these crucial gaps lead directly to disputes and ultimately litigation.  Many download forms claim to be designed for California.  However, California has some of the most comprehensive, complex and ever-changing business and commercial laws in the nation.  Most downloaded contracts to not provide adequate protections or provide important clauses required under California law.

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