Resolving a contract dispute in San Diego requires an experienced and proven San Diego breach of contract lawyer.  The Watkins Firm business dispute and litigation team takes a unique approach to resolving a breach of contract dispute in the shortest possible time frame and a cost-effective manner.  The keys to resolving a breach of contract are communications and a thorough understanding of the associated potential damages.  Damages are the financial consequence of the breach itself.  This is all a Court here in San Diego or anywhere in Southern California will be concerned with unless the dispute involves real estate.

Our first step as your proven San Diego breach of contract lawyer is to quickly and accurately assess the potential for damages.  If we are representing the party who has upheld their end of the “benefit of the bargain” we ensure they have taken appropriate steps to mitigate the damages.  This is required by California law, and a party must take prompt, prudent and substantial action to reduce the impact of the breach upon their business as soon as they become aware of an issue.  When defending a breach of contract there are a lot of legal options.  In most cases our experienced contract and litigation attorneys at the Watkins Firm are able to establish productive negotiations with the goal of developing a “work around.”  The work around modifies the original agreement to provide the time, resources or other elements necessary for both parties to perform and complete the transaction.

In other cases, this may simply not be possible.  International events may eliminate supply channels, or the loss of key personnel may impact the ability to complete the proposed services or deliver contracted goods.  If you are aware of a potential breach of contract it is important to take immediate action. We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and and contact a proven San Diego breach of contract lawyer at the Watkins Firm for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  We can develop a strategy and begin the work of resolving a breach of contract dispute in San Diego before things spiral out of control.

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