Proving a Minority Shareholder Oppression in San DiegoWhat are the legal components required when proving a minority shareholder oppression in San Diego?  What constitutes shareholder oppression and what can the experienced San Diego shareholder’s rights attorneys at the Watkins Firm do to protect your interests?  The first legal step in any shareholder dispute is to prove you are, in fact, a minority shareholder.

In order to assert any claim against the majority you must prove you are a shareholder of the corporation.  It is not wise for the majority to attempt to contest your ownership position.  The refusal to acknowledge your ownership interest is in fact strong proof of shareholder oppression!

There are basically two elements when proving a minority shareholder oppression in San Diego.  Our skilled minority shareholder attorneys demonstrate the conduct of the majority interests clearly defeats your reasonable expectations under the circumstances, and the expectations which were central to your decision to become a minority shareholder.  The second element is to prove the majority has acted in a bullying manner through harsh, burdensome or wrongful conduct.  They are required by law to act with “probity” and fair dealing in both the company’s affairs as well as their relationship with minority interests.

We must clearly demonstrate their actions constitute a threat to the present and/or future value of your holdings and that the actions of the majority were a clear violation of the standards of fair dealing established under California law.  The evidence often consists of a pattern of behavior in many venues such as texting, emails, phone conversations, written correspondence as well as the lack thereof.

Proving a minority shareholder oppression in San Diego requires extensive legal skill and experience.  We invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.  We will help you to protect your holdings and hold majority interests, executives, directors and officers of the corporation responsible and accountable for their actions.

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