What are the proven strategies for reducing unpaid overtime disputes in 2018 and beyond?  Unpaid overtime and other wage and hour and employee related litigation continues to skyrocket in 2018.  2017 brought a more than 200% increase in the number of employment related lawsuits and resulting payments by employers to settle these cases.  How can your company reduce the likelihood of an unpaid overtime or wage and hour lawsuit or complaint to a federal or state labor agency?

The business litigation and general business counsel attorneys at the Watkins Firm help San Diego employers to level the playing field and ultimately gain the advantage in these disputes.  There are specific policies which must be incorporated into all employment agreements and related documents.  Policies and procedures must be developed, published and consistently monitored and enforced and all of these actions must be effectively documented.  The failure to develop strategies for wage and hour issues and reducing unpaid overtime disputes in 2018 will result in investigations by federal agencies, the California Labor Commissioner and the Employment Development Department (EDD).

The employer defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm help you to develop and implement effective countermeasures.  We represent San Diego employers in hearings and conferences before Deputy Labor Commissioners and other federal and state agencies.  There is nothing “informal” about these hearings, although the correspondence and contacts from labor agencies may lead you to believe otherwise.  The first thing which happens in an “informal” hearing or conference is a grilling regarding California employment laws and the policies, procedures, practices and documentation in place at your company.  It is quickly “established” that you are not an expert in labor law and the meeting becomes an informal “settlement conference.”  This is when you will be given notice of an award resulting in a substantial check to be written by your business.

Learn about the proven strategies developed by the Watkins Firm for preventing wage and hour disputes and reducing unpaid overtime disputes in 2018 and the years to come.  We invite you to contact us or call for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

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