How can an employer remain current and compliant with overtime laws in San Diego?  Recent modifications have brought a rapid change in employer related laws and regulations in federal, state and local statutes.  How does a San Diego employer know when they are required by law to pay overtime?  More importantly, how can an employer reduce or eliminate their risk for an unpaid overtime dispute or lawsuit?  Recent changes, and proposed legislation in the California House of Representatives may change this calculation for salaried employers as well.  How can a business owner stay current with developments, eliminate litigation and run a business?

San Diego employers value the proven and experienced employer defense and business attorneys at the Watkins Firm, as well as the trustworthy insight and business counsel we provide to our clients.  It is our responsibility to stay remain current and compliant with overtime laws in San Diego and all wage and hour regulations and advise our clients accordingly.  We develop specific policies and procedures and training to help employers and their management team to close loopholes in the practices of the company, and reduce or eliminate exposure to wage and hour disputes including unpaid overtime claims.

Employers are required to take a much more aggressive stand against overtime in this litigious climate.  Wage and hour lawsuits against San Diego employers have skyrocketed in recent years, and unpaid overtime is a target for most of them.  It is possible to remain current and compliant with overtime laws in San Diego while placing enforceable restrictions on when and how overtime work is required, performed, documented and paid.

Prevent employees from coming after you (even after they’ve left) for unpaid overtime and other wage and hour disputes by implementing the policies, procedures, contracts and documentation necessary to comply with overtime laws in San Diego.  Contact the experienced wage and hour attorneys at the Watkins Firm or call today for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.

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