Have you considered replacing non-compete agreements with trade secret protections in California?  Most employers want some form of non-compete agreement to prevent their employees from taking what they’ve learned to compete against you.  You’ve also probably heard that California Courts often side with the employee and do not wish to uphold what they consider to be restrictive covenants of non-compete in terms of geography or long periods of time.

There is a stronger strategy which can provide stronger protections for California employers than a non-compete agreement: misappropriation of trade secrets and corporate proprietary information.  Watkins Firm attorneys have decades of experience helping San Diego employers to protect proprietary information, customer data, supplier information, insider knowledge and marketing strategies and other trade secrets associated with your business.  We can structure contracts which create trade secrets and proprietary information and restrict your employees from using this information outside of their employment with your company.

This strategy ties into other important employment related documents such as the employment contract, employee handbook, as well as your company’s policies and procedures.  Our attorneys help to clearly establish the nature of the information, practices and industry knowledge which is considered to be proprietary or a trade secret.  There are internal practices and physical steps which must be taken to support these agreements and clearly separate, secure and identify information which is proprietary or a trade secret.  We help you to follow all steps and implement contracts which are enforceable in a Court of law.

The misappropriation of trade secrets and proprietary information is a much stronger strategy to prevent unfair competition.  Watkins Firm attorneys structure contracts and non-compete agreements which are enforceable.  If you would like to learn more about supplementing or replacing non-compete agreements with trade secret protections we invite you to review the recommendations of our clients and contact us or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.


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