What should I do about a reservation of rights letter from my insurance company?  What is a reservation of rights letter?  Should I be concerned?  Yes, absolutely you should be concerned.  The insurance industry sarcastically calls a Reservation of Rights letter a “denial letter,” meaning they intend to deny your claim later and stick you with the bill.  If you have received a reservation of rights letter from your insurance company call the Watkins Firm now for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.

It is important to understand there is an inherent legal conflict for the attorneys representing you and your insurance company.  Their first legal obligation is not to protect you.  It is to defend the insurance policy itself, even if that is at your expense.  If they can shift the liability from the insurance policy to you, the insured, they are literally required to do so.  California law is quite advanced in this area, and establishes your right to a “Cumis Counsel.”  A cumis counsel is your own independent counsel, who works side-by-side with the legal team from the insurance company to protect your interests.  Your cumis counsel should ensure that no settlement or action will resolve the matter without eliminating any exposure you would personally face.  The best news might be this:  Your insurance company is required to pay for the cost of your cumis counsel when one is warranted.

The Watkins Firm has served as cumis counsel for many clients over our decades of service to San Diego.  We will review the actions of your insurance company and the nature of the coverage of your policy to protect against insurance bad faith.  Our insurance coverage attorneys conduct a detailed review of your insurance policy and the extent of the contracted coverages.  As cumis counsel we aggressively work to protect your interest and relieve you of potential liability.  We are often asked “What should I do if I receive a reservation of rights letter from my insurance company in San Diego?”  If you have received a Reservation of Rights letter from an insurance company we invite you to contact us for a free consult at 858-535-1511.


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