What do you need to know about resolving a legal dispute quickly and cost-effectively?  Legal disputes and lawsuits are usually the result of gaps in the contract governing the transaction or relationship at hand.  When legal contracts are well crafted, the language of the contract clearly establishes all aspects of the transaction or relationship, and how to handle things that don’t go as expected.  If a dispute arises, the contract should clearly establish the process for resolving the dispute, while continuing the momentum of the work being performed.

Legal disputes are usually based upon areas in a contract that are unclear – allowing for various interpretations according to the perspective of the parties involved.  For example, when inexperienced business owners and entrepreneurs attempt to save a few dollars by downloading a boilerplate contract (or finding one on the the web and attempting to alter it) they open themselves to disputes and lawsuits.

California has its own unique laws and is one of the most progressive states in the union.  When contracts fail to incorporate appropriate legal and descriptive language it provides gaps in the agreement that easily lend themselves to the development of a dispute.  Legally speaking, when a contract is “mute” on a point the disagreement must be argued before a neutral party or judge.  The judge must attempt to “reconstruct” the original intent and actual agreement of the parties before issuing a ruling.  This is quite time consuming and expensive for all parties involved.

Resolving a legal dispute in San Diego requires experience, legal expertise and negotiation skill.  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience resolving business and legal disputes here in San Diego.  We have a unique approach to legal disputes that helps to resolve them as quickly as possible and with the minimum of expense.  We work quickly to understand our client’s goals and objectives, and to establish the facts surrounding the core issues of the dispute.  We work to establish damages, and this provides necessary leverage to gain the undivided attention and cooperation of the other party.  We respect the nature of the relationship between the parties, and understand that resolving a legal dispute in San Diego is more than just helping to find a legal solution – it involves work to repair the underlying relationships as well.

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