Is it possible to resolve breach of contract issues without going to court in San Diego?  There are enough costs associated with the issues surrounding a breach of contract without adding the expense and time delays associated with taking a lawsuit before a San Diego court.  What is the fastest and most cost-efficient manner to resolve a San Diego breach of contract dispute while protecting your interests?

The experienced breach of contract and business dispute resolution attorneys at the Watkins Firm have decades of experience in these matters.  We take a unique approach to business disputes which is designed to gain leverage, get immediately to the core of the dispute and resolve it quickly and efficiently.  The vast majority of our breach of contract cases, whether representing the party who has suffered from a breach of contract or defending allegations of a breach, are resolved through effective, leveraged negotiation.  There are three key factors in any breach of contract matter:

  • Resolving the dispute between the parties in a timely manner
  • Covering the financial consequences of the breach
  • Mitigating losses while protecting valued business relationships

Business disputes come down to “damages.”  Legally speaking, damages are the financial measure of the consequences surrounding any business dispute.  Our attorneys work to quickly and accurately assess any and all actual and potential damages.  This provides the leverage needed to open constructive and productive negotiations.  We are usually able to help resolve the dispute and develop a “work around” which amends the original agreement, provides remuneration for any losses and allows the parties to achieve the benefit of the bargain they originally intended.  When core issues of principle or a hardened position present during negotiations, mediation and arbitration are strong alternatives to litigation in a San Diego Court.

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