Employment litigation is no small thing. Each year in San Diego, employee disputes turn into cases that result in lost employee hours, damages, legal costs, settlements and lost profits for companies across the world.

Not handling employee issues or disputes properly can lead to employment litigation. This means HIGH costs for a business or company.

If done adequately, disputes can be resolved before further action has to be taken – potentially saving the employee from prolonged stress or unnecessary suffering and saving the employer loss of time and money due to litigation, as well as legal ramifications from not addressing employee disputes or issues appropriately.


Be Timely: Panic now or panic later. Dealing with a dispute or issue sooner is always better than later.

Be Effective: Address the actual issue. Don’t assume! Listen and make sure you properly grasp the complaint of the employee before you take action.

Be Intensive: Don’t let a dispute get buried in the grind of your day-to-day responsibilities. In the corporate environment, there are many things that demand time from your schedule. Things that keep the company moving forward, generate sale and ensure profitability. It’s easy to allow these demands to keep you from giving the attention and focus that an employee dispute can often require, but they are too important to allow to become buried.

Be Proactive: You should consider establishing clear channels for communicating problems, disputes or issues early on. Create avenues for your employees to raise issues with management or even appoint a person to focus on communicating with employees about their issue who is not their direct supervisor. Consider how to create opportunities for employees to safely and privately discuss issues in order to address problems before they grow to full-scale disputes.

Having the right council ahead of time can save your and your company from the potential litigation as a result of not properly dealing with employee disputes. The Watkins Firm is experienced in alternative dispute resolution, including preemptive evaluation that can help your company avoid costly court cases. We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a complimentary consultation today.

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