Are you searching for a law firm with decades of experience who can help to resolve minority shareholder disputes in San Diego and throughout Southern California.  California provides specific protections for minority shareholders regardless of the state incorporation laws used to form a California business.  Unfortunately, many minority shareholders are still forced to endure shareholder oppression or attempts to force them to sell their stake in the company for much less than it is actually worth.  How can a minority shareholder protect their interests and rights?

Resolve minority shareholder disputes in San Diego requires the strength and power to force the majority interest to obey the law or put their own position in serious jeopardy.  The Watkins Firm has the power, resources and legal skill to protect your interests as a minority shareholder and force majority interests to comply with the law.  Minority shareholders have the right to access critical information such as the “record of shareholders” as well as corporate financial accounts and supporting documentation.  There are specific steps which must be followed to gain access to this information when it is denied by the majority ownership.  Our attorneys ensure compliance with federal and state laws while asserting your rights as a minority shareholder.

Shareholder oppression is an everyday experience for many minority shareholders.   This can take subtle forms such as physically locking a minority shareholder out of the premises or refusing to declare appropriate dividends.  It can be as extreme as the majority forming a new corporation and voting to transfer ownership of your company to the new corporation severely watering down the power and value of your shares.  We take a unique approach to resolve minority shareholder disputes in San Diego which is designed to gain the attention of the majority and force compliance with the law in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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