If you are looking for experienced attorneys with a proven track record working to resolve San Diego wage and hour disputes in a timely and cost-efficient manner we invite you to consider the Watkins Firm.  Our experienced wage and hour attorneys have served San Diego employers for many decades, and help to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local employment laws and regulations.  We help employers to prevent wage and hour disputes before they ever arise, and provide effective service resolving San Diego wage and hour disputes when they arise.

There are many reasons for a wage and hour dispute between an employer and their work force.  Disputes arise over many aspects of employment, including but not limited to:

The strategies to resolve San Diego wage and hour disputes quickly and cost-effectively can include everything from negotiation to mediation and arbitration or representing our clients before federal or state Labor Boards.  If you have been contacted by a federal agency or a California agency such as the Labor Commissioner regarding an “informal hearing” it should raise immediate red flags.  These hearings and conferences are anything but “informal” and are designed to put an employer immediately into a defensive posture ultimately leading to an expensive settlement.

Resolve San Diego wage and hour disputes quickly and efficiently, or better yet, prevent them before they ever arise.  Effective resolution requires our attorneys to become involved as early in the process as possible to resolve these disputes before they escalate to an employee complaint to a labor agency or a lawsuit.

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