Resolving a breach of contract without litigation requires strong legal skill and a sound track record of litigation success.  The attorneys at the Watkins firm have decades of experience and success in business litigation trials and this provides firm resolve in opposing counsel to resolve matters through negotiation or alternative methods.  While it is true that the vast majority of breach of contract cases are settled out of court, it is the threat of a successful lawsuit that provides the leverage necessary to drive resolution through negotiation..

We work to gain a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives for the breach.  Is it important to preserve the relationship and negotiate a “work around”, or are we aggressively pursuing all financial recompense?  The choices are driven by the business realities, and the best short and long term impact each option will have upon our client and their business.  We work to reduce the risks to our clients, and to maximize the opportunity for a profitable and successful resolution.

Resolving a breach of contract without litigation requires mastery of underlying documentation and communications, as well as the damages that have resulted as a result of the breach.  Plaintiffs must mitigate the damages in order to protect their position, and their ability to recover future financial remedies.  We engage opposing counsel from a position of strength, but with a spirit of finding productive common ground from which to work.  We foster a negotiated settlement that resolves the breach in an expedient time frame, while keeping costs contained.

If there are genuine issues of principled disagreement it may be necessary to seek mediation or arbitration to resolve the dispute without the need for litigation.  The attorneys at the Watkins Firm provide representation throughout each step of process: negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.  If you are concerned about a breach of contract we invite you to contact us or call today for a free and substantive consultation at 858-535-1511.

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