There are many reasons why LLC’s fail, and one of the primary reasons is a partnership dispute between the “members” who own the company.  Resolving a partnership dispute helps to build stronger relationships, and preserves the integrity and financial strength of the company so that the business is able to survive and grow.  Entrepreneurial personalities are creative, risk taking, and energetic by nature.  The confidence that underlies any entrepreneur can also drive strong opinions and these ingredients are often the source of many conflicts between partners or co-owners in an LLC.

The experienced partnership dispute resolution attorneys at the Watkins Firm get it – You simply disagree.  It can be on the direction of the company, hiring or firing an employee, how to use assets and corporate funds, or even who is doing the most work.  Running a successful business, especially a start-up is one of the most difficult challenges in life.  It is no wonder that disagreements develop and partnerships built upon deep friendships find themselves in a seemingly unsolvable dispute.

There is often much more between the parties than a simple business partnership.  Often resolving a partnership dispute involves working through relationship issues with family members, close friends and important business partners.  It is often not simply a matter of resolving the specific dispute at hand, we need to help to mend the fences between the parties.

The proven business dispute attorneys at the Watkins Firm have been helping partners to resolve disputes and disagreements for decades.  We have good news:

Resolving a partnership dispute is absolutely possible, regardless of how deep or unsolvable the problem may seem.

Here’s another insight that might surprise you:

It is possible to prevent most partnership disputes before they ever arise!

Our clients value our unique approach to resolving a partnership dispute.  We focus on accomplishing your goals in the fastest possible time frame and in the most cost-effective manner possible.  If you need help resolving a partnership dispute and are looking for an attorney who will actually help to solve the problem instead of dumping gasoline on the fire we invite you to review the strong recommendations of our clients and contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

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