Resolving allegations of a breach of fiduciary duty in San Diego requires legal skill, experience and successful strategies.  The violation of a fiduciary duty is a serious offense as those who hold a fiduciary duty have a responsibility to act in your best interests and not to take advantage of your situation or take relevant actions without your knowledge or consent.

A fiduciary duty may be imposed by an agreement or by the law.  The breach of a fiduciary duty can occur between corporate officers and directors and their corporation and shareholders, in a joint venture or even between a husband and wife.  Partners have a fiduciary duty to one another just like agents do for their clients.  In a business setting, most allegations of a breach of fiduciary duty arise out of stolen or lost money or a breach of reasonable care, confidentiality or loyalty.

The Watkins Firm takes a unique approach to resolving allegations of a breach of fiduciary duty in San Diego.  We work to help our clients to recover lost money or profits, as well as appropriate financial damages associated with the breach of fiduciary duty.  In some cases, the violation may rise to a level of concern that the judge orders punitive damages as well.

Resolving allegations of a breach of fiduciary duty in San Diego are legally quite complex, requiring a technical understanding of federal and state laws.  The legal burden of proof in breach of fiduciary cases lies with those who have been harmed by the breach.  There are a number of viable defenses in these cases and most center around the actions of a fiduciary and whether or not they display sound judgment, timely action and appropriate due diligence.

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