Are you searching for a San Diego business litigation attorney with extensive experience resolving business to business disputes in San Diego and Southern California?  The Watkins Firm has represented and defended San Diego and Southern California businesses, employers, shareholders, members of an LLC, partners, executives and directors for decades.  We understand the importance of resolving business to business disputes in San Diego quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

The Watkins Firm takes a unique approach to resolving business to business disputes in San Diego and Southern California.  We do not rush into litigation or quickly rack up legal expenses.  We work to accomplish our client’s goals and objectives quickly and and efficiently.  Our clients don’t want litigation or unproductive disputes.  They want profitable results and successful business transactions and relationships.

Resolving business to business disputes in San Diego begins with effective, leveraged negotiation.  The experienced business dispute and litigation attorneys at the Watkins Firm resolve the majority of our business disputes and lawsuits through negotiation.  Business disputes are about two things: work-arounds and damages.  Our attorneys quickly assess and accurately determine the potential financial damages associated with the dispute.  These provide the leverage necessary to quickly gain the attention and ultimately cooperation of opposing parties.

We work to find common ground and identify potential “work-arounds” which would allow the parties to receive the benefit of the bargain they were expecting while providing compensation for any breach of contract or delay which might have arisen.  When all aspects of a business dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation, the Watkins Firm represents our clients in mediation and/or arbitration.

We provide sound insight for our clients based upon decades of experience in San Diego business disputes and litigation.  If you are looking for a local legal partner with a strong track record of proven success resolving business to business disputes in San Diego we invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

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