The Watkins Firm has decades of experience resolving complex shareholder disputes in San Diego and Southern California.  The State of California provides extensive protections for minority shareholders and it is important to work with shareholder’s rights attorneys who provide sound, informed counsel on federal, state and California statutes as they apply to any shareholder dispute or lawsuit.

Resolving complex shareholder disputes in San Diego begins with a thorough understanding of the facts at hand and the potential damages associated with the shareholder dispute.  These facts and an accurate assessment of potential damages provide the leverage needed to quickly and efficiently gain the attention of opposing parties and their counsel.  We work to establish a productive negotiation focused upon accomplishing our client’s goals and objectives.  Most shareholder disputes are resolved through effective, leveraged negotiation.

We provide sound counsel to majority and minority shareholders to ensure they understand their rights in the matter.  We help them to assert their rights and protect the investment they’ve made in the corporation.  In many cases this involves access to vital corporate information and documents as well as the company’s books.

Unfortunately, there are many tactics which can be attempted to minimize or marginalize minority shareholders or to dilute the value of their interests.  If your corporation is considering an acquisition, merger or the sale of shares to another entity it should immediately raise red flags.  It is important to work with our experienced corporate shareholder attorneys to protect your investment and your stake in the corporation.  It is not uncommon for other shareholders to attempt to reduce or eliminate your power and financial standing and the value of your shares through the structure of a any transaction which involves an acquisition, merger or sale.

If you are involved in a shareholder dispute and are searching for attorneys with extensive experience resolving complex shareholder disputes in San Diego we invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation today.  Learn how we can help to protect your interests and resolve your dispute quickly and in a cost-efficient manner.

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