Are you looking for local attorneys with experience resolving employee disputes and defending San Diego employers in lawsuits and labor commission hearings and conferences?  Do you believe the deck is stacked against you as an employer here in California?  You need the proven counsel, guidance and representation of the experienced employer defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm.

The best way to resolve an employee dispute is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.  Our attorneys work with business clients to tighten up every aspect of the employment relationship between our clients and their workers.  We review existing employee handbooks, hiring practices, policies and procedures, disciplinary practices and employment contracts.  Our attorneys strengthen all contracts, documentation and practices to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.

When an employee related dispute arises our attorneys work to diffuse the situation before it expands to litigation or a complaint to a federal or state employment related agency.  Our skilled attorneys work to negotiate a resolution which is in the best interests of our clients while preventing an escalation between the parties.  We take a unique approach to employee disputes which is designed for the specific purpose of resolving employee disputes and defending San Diego employers in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We represent business employers before federal and state agencies in hearings and conferences.  These situations are heavily weighted toward the perspective of the employee.  Our attorneys stand up to the agency and the commissioner conducting the hearing or conference.  We work to disprove the allegations of the employee while seeking a positive ODA (Order, Decision or Award) while reducing or eliminating the financial consequences for our clients.

If you are searching for attorneys with a proven track record of resolving employee disputes and defending San Diego employers we invite you to contact the Watkins Firm or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

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