The Watkins Firm has extensive experience resolving neighbor disputes in San Diego and Southern California.  Two of the most common areas of disputes between neighbors include boundary disputes and the blocking of a view.  Boundary disputes between neighbors often include fence lines, driveways or encroachment of a building across lot lines.  Most people reasonably believe this is a matter of “black and white” or, rather, “is it across the line or not?”  Unfortunately, California real estate law doesn’t necessarily always follow this legal distinction.  In legal fact, California has a longstanding legal guideline of “fairness” when a boundary line is in dispute between neighbors.  For example, if a building, driveway or fence line crosses the lot line but the court feels forcing the neighbor to remove it would cause greater expense and harm than the loss of that portion of the encroached neighbor’s parcel(s) the court may very well side with a neighbor who has encroached your lot line.

The legal issues are actually quite complex.  It may very well be possible to enforce your lot lines and seek an order for the neighbor to move or remove the violation.  You may choose to accept appropriate compensation for the encroachment.  The question of who would prevail is not a simple one, and it is important to seek the guidance of San Diego real estate attorneys with decades of expertise in the matter at the Watkins Firm.

Resolving neighbor disputes in San Diego often involves blocking a view.  The enjoyment of a view is definitely one of the valuable aspects of San Diego real estate and a constant source of contention between neighbors.  The dispute may center around trees or other vegetation or it may involve the construction of a new outbuilding, home addition or even a deck.  Protecting a view or legally constructing an addition to the dismay of a neighbor often leads to a legal dispute.  The Watkins Firm takes a unique approach to disputes which is specifically designed to resolve the matter in a timely and cost-effective manner while accomplishing our client’s goals and objectives.

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