Resolving partnership disputes in a San Diego business is primarily about relationships, money, time, and opportunity.  Partnership disputes arise for a myriad of reasons, but often are rooted in principled disagreement on the direction of the business or project at hand, and how money is being invested and distributed.  However, they are also characterized by the relationship of the parties, and the time and hard work they have invested together to build something of value.

It is not unusual for the circle of people around business partnerships to include spouses, mutual friends, even employees and suppliers.  The impact of the dispute is much more than dollars and cents in a business, it can affect the quality of life for all involved.  That is why it is important to work with a law firm that understands and values the importance of protecting relationships while resolving partnership disputes.  It can sometimes be a fine line between effective legal representation and the destruction of relationships and a business that took months or years to build.

Resolving partnership disputes in San Diego can involve many legal steps including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and if necessary, litigation. At the Watkins Firm, we work to gain a strong understanding of our client’s goals for the resolution of the partnership dispute, and develop a legal strategy that accomplishes these objectives as promptly and cost-effectively as possible. Our clients value the decades of experience and expertise we bring to the table, and the constructive working atmosphere we help to create in order to foster a successful resolution.

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