If you are looking for attorneys with a strong track record of resolving San Diego breach of contract cases quickly and in a cost-effective manner contact the Watkins Firm.  We take a unique approach to litigation and lawsuits which is designed to get to the core of the dispute, create a productive working atmosphere and accomplish our client’s objectives based upon skilled and leveraged negotiations.

The fact is most business litigation cases including breach of contract disputes are resolved through negotiation.  The time and expense required to get to Court are usually not in harmony with our clients short and long term goals.  In many breach of contract disputes it is important to get the transaction or relationship back on track and find a “work around” or alternative solution that preserves valuable underlying business relationships while achieving the “benefit of the bargain” for both parties.  There are many reasons why a party may not be able to fulfill the obligations of a business contract, usually based upon unforeseen circumstances.

The party who is the victim of the breach must take action to mitigate their losses if they wish to preserve the legal opportunity to recover associated damages in the case.  The experienced attorneys at the Watkins Firm guide our clients through the process.  We gain a prompt and accurate assessment of the damages at stake and use these as leverage to gain the other party’s attention and draw them into productive negotiations.  Our effective and experienced litigation attorneys work to find common ground, while resolving San Diego breach of contract cases in the shortest amount of time possible.  This keeps costs down for our clients while protecting their interests and ensuring that important goals and objectives are achieved.

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