Resolving San Diego business contract disputes efficiently requires a unique approach focused upon proven timely, cost-effective strategies.  Our unique approach to business contract disputes is specifically designed to resolve the matter quickly and in a cost-effective manner.  We begin by establishing clear objectives and outcomes based upon the goals of our clients and implement immediate, consistent and proven tactics to bring the matter into focus, find common ground and ultimately resolve the contract dispute at hand.

Contract disputes in San Diego are usually the result of gaps in the terms and conditions contained within the underlying business contract or the lack of any written agreement whatsoever.  It is important to understand the expense and time it will take for a judge to resolve the issue(s) and to gain the cooperation of the other party or parties in search of a resolution.  When this is not possible participation may need to be compelled.

Most San Diego business contract disputes are resolved through effective, leveraged and skilled negotiation.  Our proven trial attorneys are highly skilled negotiators who work to master the potential damages associated with the dispute and to ensure our clients have taken the steps necessary to mitigate these damages whenever necessary.  We are usually able to negotiate a work around or amendment to the contract which allows the parties to move forward and achieve the “benefit of the bargain.”  When negotiations are unable to resolve all issues in dispute, mediation offers a confidential, timely and cost-efficient alternative to waiting for the matter to come to trial.  Many business contracts require arbitration.  Arbitration is much more structured than mediation, and unlike the recommendations of a mediator the findings of an arbitrator are usually final and may not be appealed.  It is important to have skilled, experienced legal representation in mediation and arbitration to protect your interests and ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

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