The Watkins Firm is committed to resolving San Diego shareholder disputes efficiently for our clients.  Disputes between shareholders in San Diego corporations are quite common.  How should you manage these disputes?  What is the key to resolving a shareholder dispute quickly and cost-effectively?  What if you have concerns or a dispute with corporate executives, directors or Board members?  When should you consider a derivative lawsuit?

The Watkins Firm takes a unique approach to resolving shareholder disputes that is designed to accomplish our client’s objectives in the shortest possible time frame and at a reasonable cost.  Resolving San Diego shareholder disputes efficiently begins with effective leveraged negotiations.  For example, when a minority interest is experiencing a “freeze out” or bullying from the majority owners we take prompt action to gain the attention of the opposing parties and engage them.  Watkins Firm attorneys understand the importance of “damages” in these disputes and the leverage required to protect minority interests.  In most cases a shareholder is required to provide a written “demand letter” in advance of taking any legal action such a derivative lawsuit.

There are times where your interests as a shareholder are being ignored.  There are occasions where the company’s executives and directors are leading the business in a direction that reduces share values or the overall long-term profitability of the company.  You can take effective legal action to make your position clear to other shareholders, and to drive them to take the actions you believe are prudent and profitable.

If you are interested in resolving San Diego shareholder disputes efficiently we invite you to contact us at 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.  Learn more about your rights as a shareholder, and the right legal strategies to take to influence the decisions and actions of majority interest shareholders.  Learn how to protect yourself and the corporation through a derivative lawsuit.

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