Are you looking for a proven legal partner with extensive experience resolving shareholder disputes in San Diego effectively and in a timely manner?  The Watkins Firm protects shareholders and minority shareholders and defends corporate executives, officers and directors in business shareholder disputes and litigation here in San Diego.  Our unique approach to shareholder disputes is designed to resolve the matter in a timely and cost-efficient way while protecting our client’s goals and objectives.

Are you a minority shareholder who is facing a “freeze out” or intimidation tactics by majority shareholders?  Are managing interests withholding information or attempting to limit or prevent your access to corporate financial records and documents?  Are you concerned about the distribution or withholding of dividends or retaliation?  Are corporate executives or directors entering into contracts or agreements which favor majority interests over your own?

There are several potential remedies available and the experienced shareholder dispute and shareholder’s rights attorneys at the Watkins Firm help you to understand your options while providing sound advice and counsel.  We work to negotiate a resolution using constructive and leveraged tactics designed to gain the attention of the opposing party and their counsel and drive them to the table to discuss and resolve the issue(es).  Resolving shareholder disputes in San Diego effectively may involve mediation and arbitration.

Mediation is a much more relaxed and flexible environment where our attorneys can have a strong impact and influence on the ultimate outcome.  We are not bound by the recommendations of a mediator, however this strategy often helps to resolve part or all of a dispute.  Arbitration is much more legally structured, and the finding of an arbitrator are final and cannot be appealed unless fraud or similar actions can be proved against the arbitrator themselves.

We represent our clients at every step of the process, negotiation, mediation and arbitration and in trial before a San Diego court when necessary.  If you seek an experienced legal partner who with a proven track record of resolving shareholder disputes in San Diego effectively we invite you to contact us or call 858-535-1511 for a free consultation.

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