Shareholder disputes are more common than most people realize.  However, lawsuits can be tied up in Court for more than a year.  What are the most timely and cost-effective strategies for resolving shareholder disputes in San Diego corporations?  What happens when a minority shareholder has genuine concerns about the actions of the Board of directors or the direction of the corporation?

The Watkins Firm has managed and resolved shareholder disputes in San Diego for decades, and brings extensive experience and expertise to support your goals and objectives.  California laws are written to level the playing field for minority interests however “freeze outs” and bullying actions by majority shareholders and corporate managers still take place.  Minority shareholders have many rights under California law including the right to inspect the books and other important corporate documents and information.

Minority shareholders may be adversely affected by corporate decisions that will negatively impact their own interests.  You may be required to exercise your “appraisal rights” in the event of certain actions such as a merger, exchange of shares, sale of assets or a buyout.  Recent decisions by the California Court of Appeals has supported the ability to set aside or rescind invalid corporate actions or transactions.  The Watkins Firm will aggressively protect your interests and work to hold the majority interest to the high standards of California law while seeking to negotiate a path to resolving shareholder disputes in San Diego.

When negative decisions are being implemented by the Board of Directors or Corporate Officers a shareholder may bring a derivative lawsuit against the officers or Board on behalf of the company itself.  These cases require extensive legal expertise and skill, and the Watkins Firm has extensive experience in these cases.

If you are a shareholder in a San Diego corporation and are suffering mistreatment by the majority shareholders or corporate officers or directors we invite you to contact us for a free consultation at 858-535-1511.  Learn about your rights as a minority shareholder and all we can do to protect your interests while resolving shareholder disputes in San Diego corporations.

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