Are you searching for experienced and proven San Diego breach of fiduciary duty defense attorneys?  Are you a corporate executive, shareholder, board member, trustee or person in a position of power and/or influence who has been accused of a breach of fiduciary duty?

The fiduciary duty is an obligation to represent your corporation or organization loyally and with good faith.  The violation or breach of fiduciary duty exposes a person to personal financial liabilities for an extensive range of damages.  Fiduciaries owe their beneficiaries the highest degree of care, service, advice and action.  The fiduciary must always act in the beneficial interest of their charges and cannot take any action which results in negligence or harms the interests of their beneficiaries.  A fiduciary should never be in a position where their personal interests conflict in any way with the interests of their beneficial interest.  Conflicts of interest must be immediately revealed, and actions must be immediately taken to protect the interests of the beneficiary.

The San Diego breach of fiduciary duty defense attorneys at the Watkins Firm aggressively represent our clients to reduce the potential risks they face while seeking to successfully resolve the dispute in an efficient manner.  The personal financial risks are high for a person who is accused of a breach of fiduciary duty.  Beneficiaries will seek compensatory damages and often punitive damages..  Compensatory damages are designed to repay the victim for the financial equivalent of any losses they may have sustained as a result of a breach of fiduciary duty.

Many plaintiffs will also seek punitive damages which are much more severe.  Punitive damages are designed to punish the actions of a fiduciary and ensure other fiduciaries are discouraged from taking similar action.

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