The Watkins firm has served the San Diego business community for decades.  We are San Diego business advisers and attorneys who help you and your corporation or business wherever you may be within the life-cycle of your company.  As business formation lawyers, we help clients to consider the nature of their business and to select the best business entity for the type of business they intend to conduct.  From an LLC to an S-Corporation or C-Corporation, we advise clients and help to structure the company and its corporate documents from the outset to maximize the likelihood of success, while planning for the challenges and unforeseeable pitfalls and opportunities you may face during the course of the business’ life.

If you are a healthcare business or professional practice a California Professional Corporation or PC may be the best alternative as an entity for your new company.  The PC provides benefits that are unavailable to other forms of business entities that are tailored to licensed professionals and the unique manner with which they conduct their business.

The “Counselors at Law” portion of our title refers to the deep experience and expertise we have earned over the decades as we’ve guided thousands of businesses in virtually every vertical market niche.  Just as every Olympic athlete needs a coach, every business person needs an adviser and counselor they can trust and depend upon.  As San Diego business advisers and attorneys we can help you to avoid the traps that have brought financial setback or ruin to other companies, while helping you to position your business for the fastest possible growth and profitability.

You will face several opportunities to expand your business along the way.  We will help you with the business contracts, policies, procedures, handbooks and guidance necessary to hire key people, acquire the assets of a competitor or utilize a stock purchase to expand your operations and the reach of your company.

Business is an exciting journey and the San Diego business advisers and attorneys at the Watkins Firm want to help you to succeed and profit.  We invite you to contact us or call today for a free consult at 858-535-1511.

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