San Diego Business Litigation Attorneys Who Mean BusinessAre you involved in business litigation or looking for a legal partner who understands the value of resolving business disputes quickly and cost-effectively?  The Watkins Firm are San Diego business litigation attorneys who mean business with a local track record of success that spans several decades.  We take a unique approach to business to business disputes and lawsuits that is designed to bring the issue to resolution in the shortest possible time frame and in a cost efficient manner.

The reality is the majority of business contract disputes and related matters are resolved through effective leveraged negotiation.  Whenever possible we negotiate “work-arounds” that preserve important business relationships while allowing a transaction to move profitably to completion or to get an important business relationship back on track.  We understand that business is all about relationships, and that it is often as important or more to repair the underlying relationship as it is to resolve the specifics of a dispute.

Our attorneys work to quickly and accurately assess associated damages, and use this information to gain the other party’s attention and drive the matter to a prompt resolution or settlement.  In breach of contract scenarios it is often important to ensure that our clients have taken prudent, immediate and proactive steps to mitigate their losses in order to preserve the ability to recover associated damages in the future.

When a resolution cannot be achieved through negotiation alone, we represent our clients through each successive step in the process.  One effective alternative to litigation is mediation.  We represent clients in mediation as it allows a measure of control and influence while providing resolution to difficult challenges in a much shorter and less expensive time frame.  We are not bound to implement the recommendations of the mediator, but we have had great success helping our clients to accomplish their goals and objectives with the help of a neutral third party mediator.

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